☁️Save State

⬆️ Save State

Save any JSON state to a specific user. Pass a JSON object to the SaveState function. You'll be able to see this from your dashboard at any time.

GalaxyClientAPI.SaveState(new GalaxySDK.ClientModels.SaveStateRequest {
    State = "{\"RoundStartedTime\":1677935836,\"TutorialsCompleted\":true}"
}, result => { }, error => { });

You can browse any individual user's state on the dashboard.

⬇️ Get State

You can use GetState to get the signed in user's last saved state. You can parse it back to any object like this:

GalaxyClientAPI.GetState(new GalaxySDK.ClientModels.GetStateRequest { 
}, result => { 
    MyStateObject gameState = JsonUtility.FromJson<MyStateObject>(result.State); 
}, error => { });

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