🚀Import SDK

Setup Guide: There's an step-by-step guide on the home page of your Dashboard

  1. Create a game and a leaderboard in your Developer Dashboard.

  2. Download Galaxy.unitypackage and import it (double click the unitypackage file when your project is open or choose Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...)

AndroidManifest.xml: If you already have an AndroidManifest.xml (or another plugin that causes issues with it), delete /Assets/GalaxySDK/Editor/ModifyUnityAndroidAppManifest.cs

Then add the following line to AndroidManifest.xml manually:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" />

This allows the user to sync their contacts to find their friends, if they elect to. Contacts are never requested without opt-in from the user.

Then, import the namespace at the top of all files that will interact with Galaxy like so:

using GalaxySDK;

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