No Setup Required: Clans work automatically on any leaderboard. Just make sure you've enabled the Teams tab in your leaderboard settings on the dashboard. These methods are provided as extras for your convenience.

How clans work

Clans are groups of players whose score is added together and compared against other clans. Clans have a group chat enabled by default and are great for adding a group competitive dynamic.

Show clan home

Users can manage their team and chat with other members from here. Users can get to this page from the leaderboard, but this is an optional shortcut for you to open their clan view directly.

//Show this user's clan home page
GalaxyClientAPI.Controller.OpenClan(LeaderboardId: "leaderboard_id"); 

//Show another clan home page
    LeaderboardId: "leaderboard_id", 
    ClanId: "clan_id", 
    Options: ViewOptions

⬇️ Get current clan

Returns the clan a player is currently a part of, or nothing if the player is not in a clan already.

GalaxyClientAPI.GetCurrentClan(new GalaxySDK.ClientModels.GetCurrentClanRequest { 
}, result => { 
}, error => { })
Clan Objects


/// Details for the clan.
public Clan Clan;

Clan reference

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