Optional: You don't need to use these functions, but you can if you want to

Check if a user is logged in

You can use the GetPlayerProfile function and check result.PlayerProfile.IsAnonymous. This is true if the player hasn't logged in yet.

Log in with custom ID

This won't be their player_id, but it will allow you to link accounts across your developer account.

GalaxyClientAPI.Controller.SignInWithString(string yourString);

Log in with Playfab

Sign in the user with a PlayFab EntityToken. You'll need to add a secret key and title ID in the settings page of your dashboard.

GalaxyClientAPI.Controller.SignInWithPlayfab(string entityToken);

Log in with phone number

Use Galaxy's phone authentication to sign in the user

GalaxyClientAPI.Controller.SignIn(boolean closeOnSignin);

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