🪙Galaxy Coins

What are Galaxy Coins?

Galaxy Coins is currency that's very easy to use for incentives. Players can use Galaxy Coins to purchase avatar items (clothing, hats, etc). You don't have to worry about maintaining balances for users or fulfilling awards, since this is done automatically.

Various things can have prizes attached to them, for example getting a top score on the leaderboard or earning an achievement. When you attach a prize to one of these in the dashboard, you can choose between awarding your own currency (requires setup) or using Galaxy points (no setup).

Your account will be charged $0.01 per Galaxy Coin added to a user account, unless you have a custom pricing agreement (over 100k MAU).

Automatic: Most ways of awarding prizes, like Leaderboards, Tournaments, and Achievements will automatically award Galaxy Coins.

You DO NOT need to manually add Galaxy Coins, unless you need a custom behavior.

Manually add Galaxy Coins

Send a request from your server to credit users' accounts with however many points you'd like.

Credit account

POST https://api.galaxysdk.com/api/v1/server/credits

Credit a user's account with Avatar credits





Your secret API key

Request Body




The amount of credits to give (you are charged 1 cent per credit)



The player's ID

    // Response

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